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Five Commonly Requested Fetishes

Clients request fetishes they would never dare ask from their partners. It’s because of an obvious reason: fetishes are just weird and out of this world to some people. Yet that’s what makes them worth pursuing – strange and forbidden stuff can be incredibly enjoyable. Escorts won’t count three to add your fetish requests among the services they would sell to you. Here are top 5 fetishes to never forget asking an escort in Charlotte, if you’re so much into fetishes:

1. Lingerie sniffing

Escorts keep a huge collection of lingerie. Although some clients would be better off admiring their escorts partly naked in their lingerie, a client may go an extra mile to ask the escort to remove the lingerie and hand it to him before putting it right below the nostrils – that smell is magical. Do not be afraid to let your escort know your fantasies.

2. Genital torture/beating

Some client like to have their genitals inflicted with pain. An escort who don’t object inflicting such pain to any person will gladly agree to accomplish this fetish provided the entire exercise is approached with moderation. The escort is likely to refrain from it (and it’s highly recommended she object) if the client asks for damage on the genitals. Pain and injury aren’t necessarily the same.

3. Golden Showers

More often than not escorts are asked to urine on clients or clients to urinate on them. Any escort will be more than willing to do the former but a little hesitant to do the latter, reasons being: the escort stands a chance of contracting an STI or even hepatitis from the client’s urine or she could simply be having sensitive skin. Either way, full disclosure of the necessary details need to be made between the parties before reaching an agreement.

4. Scat play

It’s a turn-on for some clients to follow their escorts in the toilet and watch them poop; some clients can pay insane fees just to realize a poopy dream. A few precautions will have to be taken if the client wants to come into actual contact with the poop. The escort is supposed to take precautions very much the same to those taken during anal sex.

5. Sadism

Sadism entails being turned on by sustained pain which may be inflicted through spanking, biting, and beating. Those who like sadism may add bondage toys in the mix among other pain-inflicting accessories. Most escorts who enjoy sensory would be perfectly OK with sadism but it can depend on a range of factors.

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